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  1. 4.5 General
    Hey everyone, I have a issue that I need help with. My windows rattle loud on the driver and passenger front window. Everyone including the Toyota foremen compare it to a bug zooming by your ear. I have multiple videos of the rattle. This happens when the windows are opened or if I crack the sun...
  2. 4.5 Interior
    I’ve tried searching for this and couldn’t find anything, but if this has been raised before please feel free to throw the link at me. I have a small yet extremely annoying rattle in the map light console in my 2020 hybrid that goes away if you apply light pressure anywhere around the centre...
  3. 4.5 General
    Hi Guys, An Australian RAV4 user here! Bought RAV4 2.5L Petrol last year and since then I have been suffering from a rattle noise right to my ear while driving on rough road. It sounds like a clicking sound but cannot tell which part causes it....I have sent it back to service centre more than...
1-3 of 3 Results