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  1. 4.1 D.I.Y. and Modifications
    Hey guys I’m new here :). I live in australia and I was wondering if anyone knows of any lift kits, I have had a look and I can seem to find any for my series of rav, any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated
  2. 4.1 General
    Good evening all! I bought a 4 door 1997 Rav4 and I noticed that it had this switch on the bottom driver side kick panel. I didn’t worry about it too much before but I’d like to know what it does. Is it stock or was it added in by the previous owner?
  3. 4.1 Faults & Fixes
    I have a low idle after its warmed up, driven, and usually fluctuates on the low end at a stop. I have done the egr top and bottom valve, all vacuum lines, fuel filter, timing, plugs, throttle body clean out, tps sensor, and IAC checks out and operates. I'm not sure what else to look for. As I...
  4. 4.1 Faults & Fixes
    This started a few weeks back. We live in a hilly area and had noticed that when getting to the top of our road the oil pressure light on the dash would come on and then flash off and on intermittently after that. Sometimes hitting the brakes made it flash on and that sort. Oil level seems fine...
  5. 4.1 General
    We have a 97 Rav4 that had the stereo swapped out from another Toyota (stereo Model: 86140-0E150) and the only think that works is the CD player. I've got a replacement Pioneer stereo (DEH-1350MPG) I want to put in but need to find a proper wiring harness for it? Not looking to do anything...
  6. 4.1 Faults & Fixes
    My dad has a 1997 rav4 2wd auto trans, he told me if I fixed it I could have it as my own. As it sits it has roughly 123,xxx miles on it. I went out to start it (it’s been parked since it started showing issues) and usually it starts up fine. The battery dies as of late which wasn’t an issue...
  7. 4.1 Faults & Fixes
    Hey, I've had my Rav for a little and an slowly putting it together. Three are a couple problems and idk if they really are problems. When I drive in the hills it's really hard to keep up it just goes slow I can get it to go to 40mph but the only way it can go faster is flooring it and it takes...
  8. Member Classifieds
    So... I love this little guy. A 1997 RAV4 AWD Manual 2.0 I refurbished the engine over the winter; new valves, Gaskets, seals, oil pump, water pump, timing belt, drive belts, hoses, starter, etc. New tires with the cool “hotwheels” Triblade look I had always wanted. The finish of the wheels is...
  9. 4.1 Faults & Fixes
    G'day, I've ordered a new RAE distributor (Part No. DJ74031N) for my 97 RAV4 2.0L 4x4. Bought off The mechanic has the car and the new distributor, and they're saying it won't fit. The Supercheap Auto website told me it was the correct part for my car, and so did...
  10. 4.1 D.I.Y. and Modifications
    Hi, lately my 1997 rav4 automatic 4dr speedo is taking (like 15 km/h more then what I'm driving) possible repairs? Thought about getting an obd HUD then realized there is no obd in my car.. I saw on AliExpress adapter from dlc Toyota port to obd ii but will it work? Will it transfer the data...
  11. 4.1 General
    Has that tire size been put on a first gen rav4? I have a new set of good year wrangler all terrains on my 02 sequoia that I plan on selling and the tires only have 2k on them. So I would like to put them on my awd rav4.
1-11 of 11 Results