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  1. Is this a good deal?

    4.4 General
    With these unprecedented times shopping for a new vehicle can be stressful and I've come here as a potential newcomer to the Toyota fam. Currently eyeballing a 2016 Rav 4 LE w 54kmiles @ 18,500 OTD(out the door : total cost) with 0% interest. Is this a good deal? Also... I am at the end of...
  2. 2016 RAV4 Hybrid XLE - Hood Struts?

    4.4 Electric RAV4 Hybrid & EV
    Question is basically in the title, I'm looking to see if there is a way or if there are any pre-fabbed hood struts for the 2016 RAV4 Hybrid. I'm tired of the flimsy hood prop, and my 20-year-old BMW has them from the factory. Idk why Toyota wouldn't just add them, but that's beside the point...
  3. Transmission/Transaxle Issue 2016 Rav4 2.0 2WD

    4.4 Mechanical
    Hi All, This is my first post on this group but hoping to get some insight on this issue and would appreciate you could share your experience. I've a 2016 Rav4 2.0 2WD Petrol. I bought the car used in 2019. For past few months, i noticed this "transmission noice" which i could even hear in...
  4. RAV4 hybrid 2016 interesting sound driving me nuts

    4.4 General
    Hi Im from EU Slovenia and i have a problem with my rav4 that you can hear in link below... This sound is heard when i just start the car and motor starts when motor stops sound stops. But when driving it can be heard when motor running or just gliding on electric.. It sounds like there is...
  5. 2016 LE grille swap to SE honeycomb grille

    4.4 Exterior
    Hello all. I want to swap my ugly LE grille to an SE grille. But I’ve gathered so far is that the SE honeycomb grille will not fit in place of an LE grille. Is there any way to make an SE grille fit? I don’t see any difference in bumper shape at all between both. I guess the lower grille support...
  6. Grille Inserts on the SE

    4.4 Exterior
    I just bought a 2016 SE and someone backed into my right front end luckily there's just a small dent but because of it I've now lost the little honeycomb insert on that side that clips into the full sized grille. I can't find what it's called or where I can even find to replace it. Does anyone...