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rav4 2019

  1. 4.5 Mechanical
    I trooped map trunk light and connected Trunk Ceiling Lighting and its working so immediately i attached back the original light and it never turned on and tried to connect the ceiling lights and its not turning on. I removed all new wires came with ceiling lighting and connected directly the...
  2. 4.5 Interior
    I’ve been thinking of changing my rav4 head unit. I was wondering if a 2020 Toyota Corolla head unit will fit on a RAV4 2019 ?
  3. 4.5 General
    Hi! Anybody did a removal of their roof rails of their rav4? Just the rails theres no cross bars. I have a project in the future and I’m sure that needs to go.
  4. 4.5 General
    I live in Northern New England and a warm car is important in the winter. I set all of my defrost controls, heat, fan speed before I turn my car off. The next morning when I use my remote start only the heat level and fan speed are the same as when I turned the car off. The front and rear...
  5. 4.3 Exterior
    Might have better luck and response in the Gen 5 (+2019) section instead of the Gen 3 (2006-2012) area.
  6. 4.5 Exterior
    Been trying to find some grille lights to add to my RAV. Has anyone tried any aftermarket products that fit? All the Toyota parts I find are for TRD Tacoma’s or 4Runner’s
  7. 4.5 Rav4 Electric Hybrid
    We picked up a new 2019 XLE Hybrid over the Labor Day weekend, and until last week we were seeing 38/39mpg average on a tank. It went in for the 5k mile service last week and I noticed over the weekend that all of a sudden fuel economy is abysmal. I just completed a journey averaging 21mpg. Is...