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  1. 4.2 Faults & Fixes
    Hi everyone I'm Deeps First time on the forum so take it easy. I'm the UK own a 2004 Rav4 4 wheel drive 2.0 petrol 147bhp My car has developed a fault the TRC and VCS light is on. When I turn on the headlights the Slip indicator light comes on aswell. Speedo works when it wants and some starts...
  2. 4.2 Faults & Fixes
    So I've got a 2001 silver RAV4 AWD gas powered. I was sitting at a light when the engine just stopped. Didn't sputter or anything. Just stopped. It's not the battery as that works just fine. It starts back up and then after a few moments the engine just does again for the most part. Even if you...
  3. 4.2 Accessories
    The interstate group 35 battery had been giving me trouble, finally got to Wal-Mart and took the plastic plate with me, EverStart max group 35 and 24F were same price, looked super close in profile so I grabbed it for the additional 90 CCA vs the 35. It sits great in the spot, fyi
1-3 of 3 Results