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  1. 4.2 Faults & Fixes
    So I discovered what seems like a minor leak from rear diff drain plug. Don't know how long it's been leaking, and I haven't had the chance to lift it to open the fill plug and check the oil level yet, so I'm not sure how much is left. But the leak looks pretty slow hopefully. I've planned to...
  2. 4.3 Mechanical
    Suddenly had a grinding noise coming from the mid of the vehicle. Drained and replaced fluids in both transfer case and rear differential. Noise was still there, mechanic says it could be an issue in-between the gearbox or transfer case and will have to drop both to further investigate...
  3. 4.3 Mechanical
    Hi folks, I did a tune up changing out spark plugs, cleaning MAF and throttle body along with dropping transmission pan to do a filter change along with fluid. I also changed out transfer case and rear diff oil. I was getting a smell I thought was residual gear oil burning off in the cabin of...
1-3 of 3 Results