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rear differential

  1. Terrible vibration, please help me figure out where to start

    4.3 Mechanical
    Hey all, I'm new here; i was impressed with the knowledge I came across googling so i signed up in hopes you guys can help. 2011 rav4 2.5 AWD is smooth as can be (brand new tires eliminated all other irregularities, alignment good), but under hard acceleration or with my foot on the gas at 60...
  2. Rav 4 2009 | Rear Differential shaking violently.

    4.3 Mechanical
    Hello All I am hoping on getting some guidance on what do with the Rear diff in my Rav 4 2009 (all wheel drive) Timeline: Vehicle was left sitting outside for three days without being driven, and it rained. Next drive revealed a subtle rapid vibration at 50km/h (30mp/h) - 60km/h (35mp/h)...
  3. Keeping to 200k

    4.3 General
    2010 Rav4, 4WD, 2.5 4cylinder, 140k miles. All season driving in Cleveland, OH., USA. I noticed oil from the rear diff on the garage floor and just finished replacing the breather, pinion, oil and wheel seals myself. All gears/bearings were solid. The wife had mentioned wanting to look at a...

    Problem 2007 Rav4 2.2 Diesel rear differential , Removing the viscose coupler. Issue with viscose coupler housing clashing with differential mount bracket. Solution: create slight recess to allow lobes on coupler housing to pass the Differential support brackets.