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  1. 2020 RAV4 LE remote start

    4.5 Mechanical
    How can I remote start my 2020 RAV4 LE Not sure if it even comes with remote start pls help me I live in Canada and I need to remote start my car I have to keep starting it with the key in it and I feel like it will get stolen sooner or later. Help me rav4world help me
  2. Replacing remote connect with aftermarket remote start

    4.5 Interior
    Hello all, Has anyone replaced or added in place of remote connect, an aftermarket remote start? I am seriously contemplating getting a drone remote start and want to make sure since I have the remote connect that I can replace/add in place of the remote connect factory remote start without any...
  3. Remote Starter installed - now PBD and rear wipers no longer work

    4.5 General
    Perhaps it's a coincidence, however after having an aftermarket remote starter installed, I've noticed the Power Back Door and Rear Wipers no longer work and am stymied to what could be the cause. At first I only was aware that the rear wiper was not working, and blamed it on a bad motor or...
  4. Defrost remote start 2019 Rav4

    4.5 General
    I live in Northern New England and a warm car is important in the winter. I set all of my defrost controls, heat, fan speed before I turn my car off. The next morning when I use my remote start only the heat level and fan speed are the same as when I turned the car off. The front and rear...
  5. Options for Remote Start Using OEM Key FOB

    4.5 General
    I'm looking for a remote start solution for my 2019 Hybrid Limited (pushbutton start) that will work when the car has no data connection (I'm taking my Rav4 to China). I understand that the Remote Connect options (whether via phone app or key fob) require the car to connect to Toyota to check...
  6. 2008 RAV4 plug N Play Remote start

    4.3 General
    Has anyone had any luck finding a plug and play remote start for a 2008 RAV4, your thoughts would be appreciated and if you have found one that works well please forward info in reply..
  7. The Secret Way to Remote Start on you key fob

    4.5 Rav4 Electric Hybrid
    Hey guys! I just learned this from my sales person at the dealership I went to, if you press the lock button, wait about have a second and press it again, and then wait about half a second and hold it down for 3 seconds it will start the car straight from the key fob instead of using the app...
  8. Remote Connect Add on ?

    4.5 General
    Ok so I fell for the dealer Lie BS, and yes I should have known better but I got used to the Acura Dealer I had known for years and allways done right by me. We went with the Rav4 as it didnt have a turbo and had the gadgets I love. We didnt go with the tech package only the XLE Prem cold...