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  1. 18inch rims time for new tires

    4.3 Exterior
    Time to replace tires on my 18x8.5 +38 rims. I am rocking 245-55-r18, but im looking at something with more comfortable ride, and I don’t want to lose any performance, if anything gain, any recommendations?
  2. Low profile tires

    4.3 General
    Looking to switch from stock 225/65r17 to 225/50r17. Are the only down falls a rougher ride? Does anyone have any input or experience with lower profile tires? Thanks in advance. :)
  3. Rims

    4.3 Exterior
    I have wanted to get black rims on my 2010 Toyota RAV4 sport, however I haven’t had the money so I decided to paint the stock rims black. I was pleased with the outcome. Anyone else do this? I know there is a thread for aftermarket wheels but mine are factory so I decided to post separately.
  4. Looking for a rim/tire cross reference between generations.

    4.5 Exterior
    Have a 2019 Rav4 Hybrid Limited born on 5-13-19. I am looking for used rims to mount dedicated snow tires on for next Colorado winter. It came with very pretty rims and 18" so-so tires. Want 16 [preferably] or 17 inch snow tires/rims, eventually. Do generation 3 and 4 rims fit my gen 5 Rav4...