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  1. 4.3 Exterior
    Once upon a time, years ago, some idiot decided to jack up the car at the wrong lift point (no comment, the idiot lifts by the correct lift points in the center of the car now). I have ignored the issue for years, but now there is a crack in the paint whereas it use to be just bubbling. Don't...
  2. 4.3 General
    I have a 2009 rav4 with 270,000 on the body. Got a quote to replace for 1600$ Is that a fair price? Also would be it be something I should worry about? That car has a newly rebuilt transmission, 2012 2.5l motor with 120,000 miles and transfer case from that same 2012 model. If it’s worth fixing...
  3. 4.3 Exterior
    I have a 2009 rav4 with rusted out inner rocker panels. The estimate for parts and labor is 1600$. 350$ per panel, and 800$ for the removal and install.
1-3 of 3 Results