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  1. Rust on a 2018 Rav4

    4.4 General
    Recently traded my dying 20 year old Accord in for a 2018 Rav4 XLE with 22,000 miles. It was raining when I was at the dealership so I missed some of the rust underneath. Was in the process of spraying Amsoil MPHD corrosion prevention on the under side when I noticed the extent of the rust...
  2. Rust proofing in Canada

    4.5 Rav4 Electric Hybrid
    Hello, I have 2019 Rav4 Hybrid Limited. I understand that Toyota offers perforation warranty for 5 years. But it does not include the general rust protection. Being based in Quebec, my car would be exposed to lot of snow and salt on roads. So i am thinking to get the rust proofing done. Any...
  3. What 4.2 parts will fit a 1999 4.1 ?

    4.1 General
    Looking a replacing some rusty parts on my 1999 4.1, both front lower suspension arms and the front sub frame. I was wondering if any one knew if theses parts would fit from a 4.2 as i can not find these 4.1 parts near me.