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  1. 4.5 Interior
    Has anyone have experience with Navirider units? There is not much on the form about Android head units. I am looking at this one as it looks better and more moder as to the old 1999 style radio we have in our RAV'S. I have a 2021 Hybrid GX. As there is no reviews on this , or this style/look...
  2. 4.5 RAV4 Prime
    Screen keeps cycling 18,000 miles. I just installed the wiring harness for a trailer and when I started it up the screen continues to go in and out and none of the buttons worked when I pressed the power button and restarts it but then continues to do the same thing. I have an appointment to...
  3. 4.5 Interior
    Which tempered glass Screen Protectors are people finding to be the best? The one I installed on my smartphone looks perfect … as if it came from factory … but SuperShieldz doesn't make them for cars.
1-3 of 3 Results