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  1. 4.4 Exterior
    Hello Everyone, I am new to this forum, however I drive a 2017 Rav4 Limited for the last 5 years and have driven 55000 miles till now. I bought it new on Aug 2017. I am pleased with the car no issues at all for last 5 years and I do oil change service every 5000 miles. The only thing I changed...
  2. 4.4 Mechanical
    Hi everyone, my first ever post here. Pedders shock vs Toyota oem RAV4 2013-2015 aca44r cruiser (top of the range limited in the US) AWD petrol, odo 100,000km, mainly city driving with weekend rough terrain. i need to replace my leaking right rear shock to pads the inspection I live in Western...
1-2 of 2 Results