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spare tire

  1. 4.3 Exterior
    I have a 2010 RAV4 Sport without the spare tire on the rear door. I got rear ended recently and I wanted to swap out the door for one with the spare mount. What’s the biggest size tire/wheel I can fit in it? I saw the hardcover cover can hold 30”. I currently have 235/55/R18 wheels and I’m...
  2. 4.5 General
    Has anyone tried fitting a 245/65/r17 BFG KO2 in the spare tire well? I’ve seen posts about doing it with a stock or smaller aftermarket tire but nothing with a tire my size. Trying to confirm before I buy the spare.
  3. 4.2 Accessories
    Hi all, I don't much like the look of the OEM hard tire cover much. I'm very outdoorsy, and personally, it has a very soccer-mom look to me. I've found cheap covers that just go over the tire with elastic to keep it on that I like much more. My concern is that the soft cover obviously won't...
  4. 4.5 Rav4 Electric Hybrid
    I'm one of those not comfortable with less than a full-sized spare, so I put a hitch & hitch-mounted spare tire carrier on my 2019 XSE hybrid. I also have a locking drawer system in the cargo area that makes getting to the spare compartment highly impractical. Until I actually mounted the...