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  1. Safety Connect Issues

    4.5 Interior
    New RAV4 owner, purchased a 2019 XLE model with existing problems: Safety Connect not functioning (no lights) Microphone not functioning Passenger front speakers not functioning Toyota App not connecting the vehicle Visited my dealer and maintenance used Tech Tip T-TT-0516-18, which not only...
  2. Complete Audio Overhaul

    4.5 Interior
    Inspired by Sunken's sound deadening project and somms budget aftermarket stereo retrofit project, I've decided to use all my newly acquired free-time (thanks Corona) to overhaul the audio on my 2019 Hybrid XLE (non-premium factory audio). I have already bought 2 sets of 36 sq ft of Noico 80 mm...
  3. 2013 RAV4 Limited JBL Speakers cutting out

    4.4 Interior
    So this may sound very weird, but the speakers in my rav4 are constantly cutting out and making a staticy noise. This happens regardless of whether music or sound is playing from the radio, a phone, or Bluetooth. The weirdest part is that when I turn the wheel all the way around, use the window...
  4. Audio Upgrade: Will I need to upgrade any engine components?

    4.1 Accessories
    Hello Everyone! I’m getting a full audio installation done on my 1997 Toyota Rav4 w/all time 4wd, Automatic. The amp I’m running thw whole system on is a class FD that says it has a max of 2000 watts output. I’m putting components speakers in the front running at 80rms, coaxials in the rear...