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  1. 4.3 Interior
    I have a 2010 RAV4 Sport 2.5L I would love to have a touchscreen, Bluetooth, and aux input. Any suggestions are welcome.
  2. 4.3 Interior
    Is it possible to connect a amp to the 2006 Stock radio with the radio code 58827 without all sorts of adapters and kits? I have tried seaching it up a bit But i only found all sorts of kit and adapters
  3. 4.4 Interior
    So this may sound very weird, but the speakers in my rav4 are constantly cutting out and making a staticy noise. This happens regardless of whether music or sound is playing from the radio, a phone, or Bluetooth. The weirdest part is that when I turn the wheel all the way around, use the window...
  4. 4.3 Interior
    Hey everyone, I was looking for stereo options that had Bluetooth capability. I Didn’t really want to spend money on a new stereo because I don’t mind the factory one (with the exception of it not having Bluetooth). After searching for cheaper stereos with Bluetooth capability I came across a...