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  1. Hooking up subs, amp, and output converter to stock radio

    4.3 Interior
    I'm sure this question has been asked a million times but I can't find the exact information I'm looking for. I'm planning to hook up my 2 12" xplodes and my 600w xplode amp. I want to keep the stock head unit so I'm going to splice in an output converter for my RCA's. This is all being hooked...
  2. Subwoofer on built in amp

    4.3 Interior
    I’m not sure if this has been answered but I’ve done extensive digging and haven’t found a solid answer. I disconnected the subwoofer found in my trunk and have taken off the body panel to access the JBL amplifier but am not sure if I’m able to simply add a sub into the channel where the...
  3. JBL Subwoofer-No sound

    4.4 Interior
    Hello!! I have a 2017 Rav SE with the premium JBL sound system. There is virtually no sound coming from the sub located in the cargo area of the car. Has anyone experienced this issue before? I wanted this specific stereo because of I love to listen to music loud while I am driving. I drive ALOT...
  4. Audio Upgrade: Will I need to upgrade any engine components?

    4.1 Accessories
    Hello Everyone! I’m getting a full audio installation done on my 1997 Toyota Rav4 w/all time 4wd, Automatic. The amp I’m running thw whole system on is a class FD that says it has a max of 2000 watts output. I’m putting components speakers in the front running at 80rms, coaxials in the rear...