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  1. 235/60R18 on Stock Rims on 2015 Rav4 Limited

    4.4 Exterior
    Hey Everyone, Just wanted to start a thread to show that 235/60R18 will fit on a 2015 RAV4 using the stock rims. Mine fit with no rubbing lock to lock The tires I'm using are the Falken Wildpeak A/T Trail and have an outer diameter of 29.3".
  2. FS: 18" Toyota RAV4 Limited - Hyper finish Wheels AND Tires

    Private Party Classifieds
    Excellent condition 18" factory OEM wheels and 235/55/r18 tires as well. They are located in Houston, TX. Would prefer local, obv, but am also not opposed to a small drive to meet. There is zero curb rash on the wheels. Two grain of sand size nicks were the only that I could find. Pictures...
  3. New tires, 235/65R17

    New tires, 235/65R17
  4. Quietest All Season Tires for RAV4 Limited (P225/60R18)

    4.5 Exterior
    I'm going to be replacing my stock tires for the first time at the end of the summer. I would like some tires that will do reasonably well in the snow, but will also give a quiet and comfortable ride during the other seasons. Does anyone have any suggestions? Please include how many miles...
  5. New Wheels and Tires - beginner

    4.5 Exterior
    This week I will be purchasing a 2020 RAV4 LE awd. I’m excited but one thing I’ve always known about this model car is how awful the stock wheels are. I’m looking for suggestions for replacements. I want black rims for sure. All terrain tires if possible. My budget is only about a grand though...
  6. 18inch rims time for new tires

    4.3 Exterior
    Time to replace tires on my 18x8.5 +38 rims. I am rocking 245-55-r18, but im looking at something with more comfortable ride, and I don’t want to lose any performance, if anything gain, any recommendations?
  7. How long did your OEM Toyo tires last?

    4.5 General
    I’ve got an XLE, with 225/60 r17 Toyo Open Country all season tires. It’s at ~18,500 Miles now. I’ve had some issues with low tire pressure lights recently (could be due to large spring temperature fluctuations). I’ve also noticed a lack of grip compared to before. Fellow RAV4 owners that had...
  8. 265/70/16 tires on 1st gen rav4

    4.1 General
    Has that tire size been put on a first gen rav4? I have a new set of good year wrangler all terrains on my 02 sequoia that I plan on selling and the tires only have 2k on them. So I would like to put them on my awd rav4.
  9. Looking to replace OEM tires on a 2018 XLE RAV4

    4.4 Exterior
    It's time to replace the OEM tires on my 2018 XLE AWD Rav4. I got almost 60k miles out of them so I'm looking for another tire that will get at least that amount of mileage as well. I'm in Kentucky so we get more rain than snow, so I need something that is going to handle wet roads well. I...
  10. Stock Tire Issue

    4.5 Exterior
    Forgive me if this has already been discussed but has anyone had issues with the stock Firestone front tires wearing extremely fast? I drive the vehicle fairly conservative and do a ton of highway driving but my front tires are worn down to a 4 after only 28,000 k's, my backs have worn normal at...
  11. Any ideas?!

    4.4 General
    So... here it is... 2015 toyota rav4 xle. In august, my car was dead and I replaced the battery same day. Reset the idle on it. Drove it for a few days. (Not sure if this next part is related).... started to notice shaking in vehicle when going 40-55mph/Around 1500 rpm. Vibration/rumble has a...
  12. Max tire size on stock 2011 RAV4 sport?

    4.3 Exterior
    I just bought a 2011 RAV4 sport with the stock 235/55R18 tires on it. I was looking into lifting it but from what I've read on here, that's not a good idea. I do go hunting and camping though so I would like to put slightly bigger tires on it to give me a bit more ground clearance. What do you...
  13. Recommended PSI for off-road tires?

    4.5 Exterior
    Hi there, My XSE hybrid is rolling on BF Goodrich KO2 tires, sized at 245/65/r17. If you have similar tires, which PSI are you using for the following situations? everyday pavement use; and off-roading adventures. I’ve only seen info regarding Wranglers and trucks as well as some older...
  14. Low profile tires

    4.3 General
    Looking to switch from stock 225/65r17 to 225/50r17. Are the only down falls a rougher ride? Does anyone have any input or experience with lower profile tires? Thanks in advance. :)
  15. 2017 RAV4 Hybrid SE tire sizes

    4.4 Exterior
    Hello! Did a search and couldn't find an answer to this question already - feel free to redirect me if I've missed it though. My 2017 Hybrid SE has the stock 235/55R18 Bridgestone Ecopia tires. I'd like to (when the time comes) replace them with a slightly larger tire for better cushioning...
  16. Adventure model wheels and tires

    4.5 General
    Oops, wrong forum. How do I delete this post? :/
  17. Will 255/55R19 tires fit 2019 Adventure??

    4.4 Exterior
    Might want to try the 4.5 forum.
  18. Looking for a rim/tire cross reference between generations.

    4.5 Exterior
    Have a 2019 Rav4 Hybrid Limited born on 5-13-19. I am looking for used rims to mount dedicated snow tires on for next Colorado winter. It came with very pretty rims and 18" so-so tires. Want 16 [preferably] or 17 inch snow tires/rims, eventually. Do generation 3 and 4 rims fit my gen 5 Rav4...