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  1. New Wheels and Tires - beginner

    4.5 Exterior
    This week I will be purchasing a 2020 RAV4 LE awd. I’m excited but one thing I’ve always known about this model car is how awful the stock wheels are. I’m looking for suggestions for replacements. I want black rims for sure. All terrain tires if possible. My budget is only about a grand though...
  2. Turbocharge a 2017 Limited Edition 2WD RAV4

    4.4 Mechanical
    I was wondering if this was possible to do, especially with the limited engine bay space. I was reading around and saw some person talking about a "Scion TC Garrett T3/T04E" could work with forged internals and etc. I just wanted to see if saving up any money would help me get what I want...
  3. Trunk Release Upgrade

    4.5 General
    I purchased a 2019 Rav4 LE model. Out of curiosity, is there any way I can install a trunk release button on my fob (upgrade) or mechanically add it to the trunk door? It be pretty cool to add upgrades myself