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  1. 4.3 driveline whine/hum 2008 4wd manual

    4.3 Mechanical
    This is my first post after searching through the forums for weeks. So I’ve had my rav for a couple of months now and have been hearing an intermittent whine that I was unable to hear on the test drive. It’s hard to say if it’s gotten worse over the course of having the car or I’m just noticing...
  2. Transmission Whine Longevity

    4.3 Mechanical
    I am wondering if any of you had transmission whine early on, and if it has caused you any grief. I have a 2011 v6 AWD, purchased used, and have driven for over 50,000km with transmission whine above 1500RPM at all gears/speed. Other then sometimes being annoying, I have not had any issues. I...
  3. 4.3 Transmission Whine in 2nd Gear

    4.3 Mechanical
    New guy here. Recently purchased a 2011 Rav4 with 54k miles. Base model 4cyl engine with 4wd. Automatic transmission. I am excited about the car and before yesterday felt like we really got a good deal. The good: The car was purchased through a dealer and came with a 60 day or 2.5k mile...
  4. Accelerating from stop, whine/whistle/whoosh in first gear until shifts

    4.3 Mechanical
    Hello all, first time poster and new owner of a 2010 Limited 2.5 4WD, 155k miles. I test drove a few of these before purchasing the one I have now. A 2009 I drove had the same sound I am hearing now on my 2010 in the same way; when accelerating from stop, more noticeable on hard acceleration...