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  1. What are these wires inside my windscreen??

    4.3 General
    Hello friends, Need help on identifying these wires which are going through the inside top front windshield, both on passenger and drivers side. Can anyone tell me what’s the purpose of these wires? and any information regarding its function. Thanks
  2. Sticker thing with wires in it top windsh

    4.5 Interior
    Anyone here know what this sticky thing with wires in it is??? It’s at the top of the windshield on both sides.
  3. Windshield issues

    4.5 Exterior
    I have had my new RAV4 for less than 6 months and already the windshield has cracked twice. I have a feeling these windshields are just made cheap or faulty. I had several cars in my life and never had to replace one due to a chip from something hitting it. Perhaps I’m just unlucky or these...
  4. Do RAV4's Have the Slowest Windshield Wipers on the Planet?

    4.4 General
    My wife's vehicle is our 2015 RAV4 XLE which I only drive on occasion, which means I'm hardly ever driving it when it rains. However, on that rare occasion, I can't help but notice that even at their fastest speed, the windshield wiper arms are still moving insanely slow, at least when compared...