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  1. 4.1 General
    Why do you want a classic car? Sometimes you just want to get in the car, drive off and switch off. With the 1997 RAV4, there are no lamps that light up while you're driving to tell you that you're braking too late. The car doesn't try to tell you that the tire pressure is off, what the...
  2. Want to Buy Wanted pre 1997 XA10

    Member Classifieds
    Hi Do anyone in Europe have af pre facelift, pre passenger airbag, and 3 door Rav4 in good condition for sale. Other requirements are no fender flares, no colored fenders, aircon and double sunroof. Best regard Jeppe
  3. 4.1 General
    Hey guys! :) I'm new here, just became the new owner of a 2000 Toyota RAV4 L (I'll post some pics and stuff later). I love the car! It's fantastic, fun to drive and I'll probably have more questions as I progress further into XA10/4.1 ownership journey. Anyway, my car has leather seats, which is...
1-4 of 4 Results