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I traded in my 2012 Scion XD for a nice 2009 Rav4 Sport 4X4 with the V6. OMG want an upgrade :cheers:5hz-3,600hz.
The only thing I really missed was the blue tooth for my hands free cell phone connection.

Off Ebay I found a generic Chinese Tmaxlife brand in dash DVD/NAV w/ BT (50 watts x 4) unit for $175. It plugged and played in 1 hour!
For the rear speakers I got 2 - 6.5" bass/mid 65hz-3600hz. Adapters are METRA 82-8148. I did not believe that the old speakers were so crappy and riveted in place! After some EQ and front/rear balance changes the bass is incredibly clear and tight. With mounting adapters these were under $50. Install took about 90 minutes.

For the Front speakers I went with 2 - JVC CS-J620 6.5" Coax Speakers 35hz-22,000hz with the same Metra adapters and I kept the stock tweeters. These were $42 with the adapters and took only about 2 hours to install. I used a dremel tool to remove the old rivets, it is a much better way to remove the old speakers. The adapters are held in by 3 screws and nuts. The speakers by 4 screws in the plastic adapters. I used wire nuts to connect the speaker wires. Test everything before putting the door panel back on.

The sound quality is fabulous. :laugh Total upgrade cost about $275.


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