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For the price you pay just to have the 1500 w outlet you’re better off buying a generator.
There are advantages of having AC power generated by a hybrid vehicle over a generator. With a hybrid, the fuel is generally fresh without needing additional thought, fuel is safely stored, quieter than most generators, less of a theft risk than a generator, can be moved from location to location easily, is "exercised" every time it is driven, a hybrid engine is designed to be ran much longer hours than most air cooled contractor generators, can be run in any weather without the need for a tarp or housing, is easy to deploy quickly, and can be used in places where generators are prohibited.

Most of the above advantages of a hybrid over a generator can be reduced with knowledge, time, and money. Stabilized E0 fuel can be stored (and rotated) in air tight containers, one can purchase a Tri Fuel generator, heavy duty chains & locks can secure a generator to some degree although battery powered tools can get through anything, and one can exercise a generator with a load every month or two.

For me, my first line for generating power is my tri fueled Yamaha inverter generator, my second option is one of my hybrids with a 1000 pure sine wave inverter.

As I look at many contractor generators in with their single plastic gas can sitting next to it in a hot garage in Florida, I wonder how many will work when needed, who will be able to sleep with all of these contractor generators running (glad I have impact windows), and if anyone will be electrocuted, burned, or die from carbon monoxide poisoning.

It took me many years to learn how to maintain a generator and how to use it safely.

Yes $5K can purchase a large quality inverter or small diesel genset but there is something to be said about the simplicity & safety of using a hybrid vehicle to generate power. I am glad that Toyota has an inverter as a factory option now.
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