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It's been a while so I thought I'd give an update.

At 5,000 miles Toyota changed the tranny fluid and checked for issues, found none. The transmission lag issue never went away.

At 15,000 miles I asked Toyota again to check it out, it's still there, causes no other issues but it's annoying that I can't just shift into drive and go. This is the only automatic transmission I have ever had act like this. Toyota told me (as expected from feedback here) that's it's normal. I say it's annoying. I don't think a transmission should have to 'think' and 'delay' about what to do once you give it a command.

Why would they design a transmission like this? :mad:
The fact is they didn't design it like that. Mine does not do that at 2,000 miles on my '16 SE. Normal to them mean it happens to 1 out of every 1000 I'll bet.
That said, does it tend to mostly do it cold, or are you seeing this warm also?
Another thing to try. Shift into drive then immediatly to sports shift mode. Also try hitting sports mode button, and turning ECO off and see if any of these changes this issue.
If they do, it's something more to take back to the dealer and disprove the "normal BS" line you are getting.
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