Hello, going back to stock wheels. So up for sale is a set of TR motorsports from tirerack and toyo open country tires.

-Purchased 9/28/2022 from Tirerack mounted and balanced $1869.22
-They have 3,000 miles on the wheels and tires.
-I purchased TPMS sensors.
-They have hub centric rings for the rav4.
-They are clean with no curb marks or damages.
-My tread depth gauge reads 12/32.
-Tires are aggreseive 235/65/r17 and clear with no rubbing. Slightly bigger than oem trd wheels and tires.
-Road nose is slightly higher and slightly more firm and bumper due to tread design. They are snow flake rated as well.
-I will include aftermarket wheel lug nuts and socket.

-Wheels are 17x8 40mm offset, 5x114.3mm, 19.45 lbs.

*not shipping, local pickup please. 95123 zip code