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'19 RAV4 LE Hybrid w/ Wheel Skin + TRD Center Cap

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Installed these for a relative to hopefully minimize any curb damage. I opted not to reinstall the original Toyota center caps because I ended up finding the TRD ones for only $3.75/each, the original ones are $15+, so told them to keep those as a backup/spare. I was able to pry off the center caps without removing the wheel using a trim removal tool I already had, I used two of the “stereo removal tools” and it came off pretty easily with no damage to the wheel. The TRD center caps do not fit as snug, so I added some 3M adhesive to the back of each tab that snaps into the wheel skin to give it a more secure fit.
  • TRD Wheel Center Cap
Genuine Toyota Avalon & Camry TRD Wheel Center Cap PT280-03200-02 | Elmhurst Toyota Parts
  • Wheel Skin
4 fit Toyota RAV4 XLE 2019-2021 Black 17" Wheel Skins Hub Caps Rim Skin Covers | eBay
  • Trim Removal Tool


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does the wheel skin completely cover the rim..or does it show some of silver outer part?...I thought they made wheelskins that cover the uncovered parts around the rim..
You can see a bit of silver in the picture, but if you're looking directly at it, it can't really be seen. I'm not sure of a manufacturer that made an upgrade to these wheel skins to cover it better, I assume they're all being made in the same place.
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