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$1200 obo. Greenwood Lake, NY (Lower Hudson Valley)
Rare and collectible first generation 1996 RAV4 2-Door. Peppy, fun drive - particularly in winter. 4 cyl. motor, manual 5-speed. Excellent gas mileage - around 25mpg. Purplish blue, with roof rack.

Have been devoting a ton of time and money on repairs, and finally got it back on the road with a current NY State inspection, but now the transmission has frozen up, and I'm ready to take my losses and let my pet go. Clutch was recently replaced, so the idea of having to go back in for the transmission just makes me angry. But for you - a fresh project on a cool, collectible car - or a cache of fresh parts for that RAV of your own that you're working on.

Nearly $3000 in parts put on the car within the last year, so just about everything mechanical and structural that had rust problems has been fixed. Still body rust - particularly at the top of the left rear wheel well, and inside the right rear wheel well. Front cross member / K sub-frame does have a rust hole. It's been filled with putty, but should probably be replaced.

Replaced within the past year:
* Engine has been tuned-up and runs perfectly.
* All tires in excellent shape. Starfires (by Cooper) with at least 85% tread.
* Brand new muffler and front exhaust pipes.
* New brakes - front and back.
* New driveshaft.
* New motor mounts.
* New ball joints and sway bar links.
* New struts and shocks.
* New radiator, thermostat, and radiator hoses.
** Clean registration and current NY State inspection.

Other bad things:
^ CD player / radio has stopped working.
^ Aside from the body rust mentioned above, there are a few dings and dents.
^ Seats are pretty worn, but not in shambles, by any means.

# Sold As-Is / Where It Is - will need to be towed, probably on a flatbed, as the transmission is frozen in Reverse Gear.


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