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Hi All,

I am knew to Rav4's but have had yota's most of my driving life. We have a little home in Mexico and thought the Rav4 would be perfect little beach car, easy for our large dog to jump in and out of, great gas mileage, reliable ect... So I found and bought a cool little Rav and over the last week of ownership I have noticed a few things.

1. It's a 5 speed with a C diff button that Appears to have been disconnected. No light goes on, no sound and difference in driving. After reading about the C diff on this forum is this something that I should investigate and try to fix or can I get away with out it? I will be on mostly wash board style roads and beach sand which sometimes can get soft. Do these Ravs do well in sand, will the c dif make a big difference?

2. I wanted to make sure the AWD worked, so I put the car on blocks to make sure all 4 wheels spin, they did. I put it in first gear idle and was able to stop the wheels while they were actively spinning. Is this normal?

I just want to dial in the Rav before the drive south to its new home. Any help is much appreciated!
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