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My replacement fifth gear has too large a hole in the center.
At 220,000 miles fifth gear started popping out. The repair looked simple enough. I removed the cover over fifth gear, pulled the parts off and ordered a new 5th gear, sleeve and needle bearings. When I wen to reassemble, the new gear rattled on the needle bearings. The hole through the gear that rides on the needle bearings is too large by .040".

The hole in the original gear is 1.325" and the hole in the new gear is 1.365"

I thought the online parts dealer sent me the wrong gear. I had a friend who works at a Toyota dealership get me the what should have been the correct gear. She used my VIN number to order the gear, it also is .040" too large for the needle bearings.

I am confused as to what changed? Is there supposed to be a newer larger shaft? Maybe the needle bearings were replaced by a larger bearing?

I am looking for ideas as to what changed and what I need to do to get my fifth gear repaired.

Thank you,
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