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1997 Rav 4wd is a DOG,may have the answer EGR!

821 0 only has about 160 kilometers (100k miles) and I did a full tune up and still no change,no power plus it pings when throttle applied hard.After some research found that if EGR is stuck open or closed ect with carbon build up it will have low power,ping and even knock,basically its runnin lean,(need fuel to make power and proper back pressure in motor) Well I got it off and yep! Totally seized to the point I couldent get it moving even with lots off cleaner and air.Diaphram in unit not moving.Going to change it and test,the other emissions stuff,Modulator beside it seems to be working when I blew air in to it,not sure about the VSV behind the motor but im strangly not getting any cheak engine lights so its probably ok also.Prob know better when I install the new EGR. The engine idles smoothly and starts easily so everything else should be good.It is strange that with EGR not working theres no cheak engine light,can anyone comment on that.