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has anyone seen a rav on 20's?

I just bought a 96 4 door rav, and before i even got the jeep...i purchase 20' wheels 245/40x20

does anyone has any idea how that would look. i should have my jeep and wheels ready for the road next week. i'll add pics next week

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Welcome to the forums rassalynn. :D

Calling our RAV4's a Jeep is an insult to the RAV by the way. :lol: Just kidding, I used to own a Jeep Wrangler; nice off-road vehicle when it ran. :?

Never seen too many 4.1 RAVs with 20" rims. Make sure your rims accomodate for proper offset, or you may experience some rubbing in the wheel wells. Also, 20" rims are rather heavy and may cause undue strain and unsprung weight on the suspension. Good luck with your install. :D

Please post some picts. when you have them installed, we would love to see them.
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