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2000 rav 4 new headlights and switching to led

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2000 rav 4 new headlights and switching to led
click here for the 4 bulb headlights assy's
shipping is taking a bit of time..
but for 166.00 with shipping for the pair that is ok...
yea the ones on the rav are tired...
ps side is just sad lol!
water got inside and it is a mess.

If you have the older rav and want the 4 bulb ultra bright system use the two harness upgrades with relays

9005 and 9006 harness upgrade you need 2 kits and they fit high and low

it will be a nice upgrade for sure!
looking at these for the new LED bulbs

AUXITO 9005 HB3 LED Light Bulbs and 9006 HB4 LED Light Bulbs Combo Kit, Beam Adjustable, 500% Times Brighter, 6500K White
it is a kit with both high and low beam...
and for 100.00 usd not too bad on cost as oreilly wanted 100 bucks each for sylvania's
rated high in online reviews i saw....
but you know how those can be padded by the sellers....
call me Thomas.... lol so let me get back to you when they are installed on how bright they are!
yea i think before and after pix would work!
it will give me a chance to test out the new Iphone camera.
i hope a good iphone pix is worth the thousand words...

just the new assy's should be a BIG improvement.

they maybe in this weekend...
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at over 20 years old i would take a look at the time belt for sure.
unless some one has already done it.

i like the ngk for the spark items click here for the thread

i am working on the new trailer hitch items right now.

and will post threads on time and hitch with pix when i am done.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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