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2001 modifications for Costa Rica adventure

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First time poster here... I will be moving to Costa Rica for 18 months and will buy a 2001 RAV 4 from a buddy for a good price (vehicles in CR are very expensive due to a high import tax). It has been well- maintained with no known issues. I typically drive rough 3rd world roads in an xterra, but the RAV4 is completely new to me. Can the RAV4 community give me some guidance on the minimum upgrades recommended for slow travel down bumpy dirt roads with frequent stream crossings (say 1 foot deep) - some times dry, often muddy - with roof top surfboards and modestly loaded for overnight camping?
Thanks so much!
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Hi Ernie; welcome.

I don't know exactly which type of terrain can be found in Costa Rica, but what you described should not be a concern with a stock RAV4. But without a LO range, the RAV4 don't like long and steep hills... particularly when the vehicle is loaded.
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