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Hi all,
I'm new to the forum. I just bought a 2002 RAV4 4WD in Feb. I've seached the web hi and lo and have found no results. My A/C blows cold for a while and then it seems to "shut-off" and blow hot air. I figured the freon was low, so I tried to service it. Still no improvement. I took the A/C filter out and cleaned it. Still no improvement. My RAVster has 54,000 miles on it, so I can't believe that it'd be the compressor or something else. Anyone here have any ideas? Thanks!

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I have the same model and the air works well. Have you checked the compressor belt and dual radiator fans.

P.S. Do not over tension the belt as damage can be done to compressor bearings.


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Knappster said:
so I tried to service it. Still no improvement.
How did you "service it"? (I assume your temperature and vent control systems are working fine)

Is a magnetic clutch working?
Is a condenser fan working?
When hold inlet and outlet hoses of the compressor, did you feel one side is cold at about 0C (32F) and another side is hot at about 55C(130F)?
How much is high side and low side pressure?
Did you charge proper amount of refrigerant? (Fully charge but not overcharge)
Did you add lubricant?
Did you replace a drier?
Did you replace all seals when put parts back?
Did you detect gas leak after recharging?
Did you see any oil mark covered with dust in front of the condenser or visible damage caused by chip stone?

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I just serviced it with refrigent on the low pressure side. It didn't seem to take any, so I assumed it was good to go. I'll look at belt and fans. I'm new to the Toyota world. I know in the GM world, if the AC acts like my Toyota does, it's usually the refrigerent. I'm learning though :) Thanks for the replies!
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