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For a long time I was thinking about adding a DRL option to my 02 Rav4. One day I bought some cheap led drl lights from Ebay and they've been OK for more than a year now. Still I wanted a bigger DRLs so I decided to add the DRL option to my turn signal lights using this $50 DRL kit from Amazon Since I was at it I thought about making my boring parking light behave as turn signal as well so my old Rav4 would have a side turn signal light as well for more safety and of course it would look much cooler as well. Here is how I did it:

This is the outcome

First I new I have to open my turn signal lamps as the OEM lamps have a amber plastic cover inside the turn signal lamp and would not allow me to have a white DRL light as I wanted. To open the lamps I baked it for 10 minutes at 230*. These lamps were glued with some kind of epoxy and not the butyl like I thought. To open it wasn't that hard but to put it back together I used the butyl glue as I already bought it since I thought it had to be used. Next time I would probably use some kind of plastic epoxy just to make everything look cleaner. his butyl job is very messy but in the end I was able to reglue it and had it dry for couple of hours before I put it back on the car. Will update after the first rain if any moisture problems appear. So far so good.

Next, the DRL kit from Amazon is straightforward instal, just unplug the OEM bulb and replace it with the included harness. Just plug the harness into the OEM harness, and then put the LED bulb into the back of the turn signal lamp. The new bulb does not screw into the back of the lamp but instead plugs the back hole with its rubber collar that creates a very tights fit to prevent any moisture from entering the lamp's housing.

Next was the challenge to convert my parking lights to work as the additional turn signal lights. This is how I did it:

First, I removed the driver's side parking light bulb out of the parking lamp and pulled it up to the surface. Next I cut the white/ground wire maybe 2-3 inches from the socket.

Next I ran a new wire (any wire 22 gauge? would work) connecting the cut ground wire at the parking light to the green/turn signal wire at the turn signal socket. I had to cut the green wire to than be able to solder and shrink wrap the new wire for better protection.

This kit also came with separate 'T' type wire which connected the two DRL bulbs to a cars power source for the DRL function. I connected it to the Ignition Relay in my fuse box under the hood. This gave me the option of turning the DRL function as soon as I turn my key to the 'On' position and turn the DRL lights off as soon as I turn the key to the off position. The passenger's side was little more difficult to get to. The parking light on that side took little more time to remove but in the end worked the same just a little longer. In the end, I love the outcome of this mod. It gives my old and rusty Rav4 a new look especially at night. I love when the turn signal goes intermittently between the turn signal and the parking light when my lights are on. When my main lights or the parking lights are off, the turn signal goes in synchrony with each other.

I also replaced the parking light bulb with a new LED bulb just to have more light output. I was surprised that it did not hyper blinked. I think it was due to the resistor already installed on the turn signal wire at the turn signal.

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