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Help needed please, my Rav4 2.00 petrol, oil light came on while driving, without really thinking to check the dip stick, i mput some oil in, that was a week ago, car been standing since, drove it todaqy 2 miles and the oil light kept coming on again, so this time i checked the Dip stick 1st and it is showing well over the Full Mark!!

Is this what is causing the oil light to keep flashing or could there be another problem?

I read on the internet to check the Oil Pressure Switch, by taking the wire off temporarily to see if the light goes out, if it does then its a faulty switch? but i cant find the location of the switch, and dont know if i could manage that, i am retired Bricklayer not a mechanic ha ha

But i need some idea of what it could be before i either take to the local mechanic or try a fix myself?

Many thanks in advance

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