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2004 2AZ-FE automatic not cranking after collision

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Hi all!

Looking for tips as one rav in my family has had an accident - my father who drives a rav4 2004 petrol automatic got into a collision (sadly his fault) and was hit on the driver side corner (LHD) . Thankfully, no one has been injured though.

The collision resulted in one of the fans getting broken, destroyed engine/ac radiators, along with a shattered neutral safety switch (gear selector sensor), and the end of the gear selector shaft being snapped off (so the gearbox is now stuck in drive, model U140F).

We're trying to start the engine to see if the engine and transmission have survived OK, we are likely to repair the car if so, and scrap it if either the engine or the gearbox are damaged. So far, i have managed to find the pinouts of the neutral safety switch and had my father successfully trick the ecu to think the gearbox is in "park", with the letter "p" being illuminated on the dash. In my mind, this should be enough to allow starting the engine, but it seems nothing is happening when trying to start the engine - it does not crank, with apparently no sounds coming from relays either.

Perhaps anyone here can advise if there are some additional safety features, or something specific to check on the car that can prevent cranking the motor over after an accident?

As my dad lives in another country, trying to sort this out via facebook video calls is not going great. I plan to travel there in a month or so armed with a toyota obd cable and tis software which will hopefully let me see whats preventing the starting of the motor, but until then, im hoping maybe its something simple that can be fixed. If you have any tips for other software/equipment that would be beneficial to assist in this situation, i would be extremely grateful for the info!

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I don't know if an '04 RAV4 has one but many cars have an impact sensor which disables the engine in the event on a serious collision.
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