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I just traded in my 2004 RAV4 L after 15 months of driving it and despite the dealer making several valiant attempts at resolving the windshield-cowl problem with lots of insulating felt, it just never would go away. On top of which, the front seat always creeked when I leaned back or side to side. In the year and a quarter I owned the 2004 RAV4 L, I had to have both front door panels replaced due to either a rattling window and marred/knicked vinyl from the factory. Also the tonneau cover had to swapped out because of the noise it was generating.

The engine ran like a charm and enjoyed this car so much in rain, snow, and sunshine as my first SUV that I decided to trade it in (yes, call me a glutton for punishment) for a 2005 RAV4 L hoping most of the problems might be resolved.

So far my 2005 RAV4 L has been great with one annoying exception.... when I am driving over rough asphalt pavement, especially at highway speeds, there appears to be a constant rattling/buzzing noise coming not from the cowl-windshield area, but instead from the steering column/instrument gauge area. If I place the palm of my hand on the Toyota logo in the center of the steering wheel and apply light pressure, the noise seems to go almost go away or at least decrease in intensity.

Has anyone experienced anything similar? Do you think the rattling might be coming from the airbag inside the steering wheel? or maybe the proximity of the steering wheel to the instrument gauge plus the rough asphalt pavement are causing both to buzz very loudly. I have experienced this noise since the day I drove it home. The dealer has been notified but I have yet to find some time to bring it in for inspection. The car is quiet as a mouse over smooth blacktop.

As with all rattles/buzzes, the origin is hard to pin point especially while driving.

Please help by providing any similar experiences and solutions.

Thank you.
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