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Morning Team,

many thanks for the informative threads I have read here. Today sees me writing to see if anyone can help with the headache I have now. Thanks in advance.
  • 1 year ago, aircon starts playing up, then just stopped, took into a dealer, replacement air compressor needed @ $2500. Job left as we were now in winter
  • This year, took car to another for second opinion, replacement pump $2700..
  • We had this fixed by another supplier for $900 including a brand new non OEM pump. Works great when it goes...And yes they have tried to fault but alas are stumped.
Issue: We have been watching and seeing when this faults..couple of outcomes
  • cold start with outside temp around 25c aircon works fine, BUT when the driver has stopped for say shopping, hop back in and drive off... aircon will not kick on again.
  • park overnight, cold start at a 20-25c mark.. all good UNTIL stopped and go for another start.
  • outside air temp is around the 34c to 39c mark this unit will not kick in at all
So I see a temp issue maybe? sensor? one mechanic said the radiator was toast... really.... engine runs at normal temp.

This week will see our temps go past 30c -35c with higher temps next week..Seeing this is wifeys car I am trying my best to rectify. As I feel this usnit will not even start at these temps..
So team... what are your thoughts. as an FYI I have tried the following
  • I have a mini-vci j2534
  • I have tried Unsuccessfully to install Techstream
  • yes I have a key, but I cannot load drivers
  • Sorry I am not that PC savy that I can go into programs and rewrite as most fixes have suggested
  • I run Win10
  • Last thing I was going to try was import a 'Flow Sensor' (on the pump)and try that as its a simple fix without the need for a programming degree.. or Burn the car...
Any help here Team....
Wifey is eyeing up my car now... Help...

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Update Team,

I went for a drive with wifey for about an hour, aircon ran fine, car was nice and cool... alas once we stopped and restarted the aircon would not kick in at all.
  • Playing with all switches- just to make sure all worked etc
  • stopped several times and restarted... same result
  • car engine temp showed normal
  • checked coolant- normal levels
started from a cold start this morning- aircon running

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