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2007rav2 V6 muffler failure

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Sorry I am dropping into this topic about mufflers, but I am still burned about the failure of the rav4 2007 muffler. Warning if the kids in the rear seat speak of the carpet on fire and or they are smelling something, do pay attention. Myself I found on my rav4 the muffler was manufactured incorrectly. As you can see by photos, the spot weld missed the lip of seam on the top side of the muffler. This in my mechanical engineer knowledge is an incorrect weld... I was at 100K miles on my 2007 still this is a premature exhaust system if it was never constructed correctly from Toyota manufacture and in my example it could have had been a real problem for the people in the truck. (my thoughts)
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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