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OK, I know, 163k miles is too many for the factory plugs. The miles just snuck up at about 5-700 miles per week. :D

So, as I am pretty bad at the serach-engine on this forum I would ask y'all:

Are there any preferences for plugs?

Are there any other parts that need changing "while there"?

Are there any GOTCHAS for changing spark plugs on the V6 RAV4?

Are there good "how-to" guides or videos for this?

I am one of those, "I can wrench some, just don't necessarily LIKE to wrench." folks

I tend to scatter my bike (currently a 2008 HD FLHT) all over the garage about once a year. Wifey rolls her eyes, but I can 'get-r-dun' when need-be.

Advice, warnings, opinions, etc. are welcome.


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That price at advance auto is hard to beat, especially with the discount!

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Their are two opinions on whether or not you need to remove the intake plenum to change the rear plugs. I did when I changed mine and that makes it quite an easy job so long as you don't drop anything in the open holes or damage the gasket. If I was doing it again I probably wouldn't remove it - just use a mirror and work by feel on the three rear ones.

BTW, I tuned a 2008 FLHTC today - picked up 10 HP and 9 FP using a Ness air cleaner and a PowerCommander 5. The owner was delighted especially considering the multi thousand dollars quotes he'd gotten.
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