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2011 - 2.5 - 4WD: Auto Transmission, flush or just change? Recommendations.

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Hi all. My 2011 has about 32,500mi on the clock, and I want to ensure that this car lives a full life. Hoping for 250,000.

I've scrubbed through the service intervals, and absolutely no mention of transmission fluid change or flush. I've read around a little and from what I gleaned, it seems like Toyota thinks that the transmissions never need service, but I just generally don't believe that, regardless of the manufacturer.

Anyhow, looking for some input. For most automatics I've heard it's best to do a first flush at around 30,000, and then only fluid changes after that. Wondering if I should simply change my fluid and filter, or if I might want to consider a full flush, at my current mileage.
With either option, I'll be doing it myself. Especially with the flush, given how the flushing machines can sometimes ruin a transmission.

Thanks for any recommendations. I imagine some people might think it's pointless or overly picky, but I'd prefer if the only things that fail down the road are cheap and easy to replace.
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That is some find, lucky you.

As @Foryota says, it has had a relatively easy life so far, so you could put some more on it before you change.

We have a manual tranny in ours, and I do the tranny fluid, transfer unit and rear diff every 30k - but that is just me
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