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So i've recently purchased a 2011 toyota rav4 v6 sport. So naturally I'm gonna turn into a sleeper. Why? Reasons🤔

1. I've been playing forza since fujimi and in my mind i'm Colin McRae.
2. I'm irresponsible with money, I have a 7 month old son now, a good job and i have to give my girl an illegitimate excuse about how becuase its a rav4, its actually responsible.
3. If the first 2 reasons weren't the only ones you needed, then you sir lack vison!

At first i read all the heavy hitters builds and was like oh yeah, your gonna bring a hot girl to the party.. and he's also gonna bring a hot girl and her hot friend, and that dudes gonna bring a hot girl, her hot friend and his ok cousin too!... Then I'm like yeah! Ight well I'm just gonna bring a pack of hot chicks!!!! then... after only a little deliberation I realized that would take way too much time, money and got kinda realistic..

soo far? too much spent soo far building up a parts section in my kitchen, yeah I said it kitchen, the wife really enjoys it 🤣, and..... 40% of the parts are on back order but I can't put most of them on till spring anyway "lack of space to do the work and tools" so I guess that's ok🥺. r9k is gonna do a hand held tuner for me 😁. End goal is to end up with an upgraded version of 🤏teksmrt's build. Non turbo, always evolving that guy .... Honestly just trying to buy one part every other week till everything's their, then just putting everything on and working with Gustavo to iron out the wrinkles.. do I lack the know how and tools yes! Tools are slowly being bought. Know how?... well I'm gonna mooch that off of teksmrt of course lol, soo far Ive bought 🤔 avs low pro visors, oem mud guards, oem sport floor mats.... wrong ones sent from apparently the picture posted isn't the actual mats I received base rav4 mats and i can't find any sites that i can verify sport specific mats Michelin pilot sport all season 4 tires "those Bridgestone defender run flats were expensive af and pretty much new but runflats ride like trash so there off and the pilots are on. Night and day difference seriously! I will be going with a different wheel and tire setup oem look alikes but those Janks are top dollar tickets so there on the back burner...Vis carbon fiber hood "hope it fits! Still gotta get hood pins i didn't realize you can't use it with the hood latch im trying to find alternatives like magnetic latches, im trying to make this a subtle sleeper so the hoods going to be painted "Not Maico" and I'd prefer no pins and a more oem look. Thanks to the countless hours some of the guys on here spent ignoring there wives, children, you know whole life 😅 on researching what will fit our 3rd gen rav4s , ive got Megan racing front and rear sway bars , camber kit and toe arms, ultra racing strut bar, mwr moroso oil pan "still gotta order the top oil pan?" LOL. Streetrays Optima battery tray. And 2 torque wrenches.. there's sooo much more to be ordered too its endless and what info I can't bum off of teksmrt. I have to find myself, suspension bushings, well upgraded ones, ive had help with but are hard af to verify fitment idk the endless serial numbers and heresay...there throwing me off a little. Next thing 🤞 I'm hoping to maybe try is gouky's 3d printed prototype nitrous fogger plate.. I still gotta hit him up to see if he's willing to make 1 at any price.. thats really where I'm at right now it's a long road till the end and I've blown what saving i had, going on a semi well thought out buying binge, so at this point if I dont wanna go get an efficient apartment and see what the dating world is like again...
I can't spend more than really $700 a month on tools and parts. So until then I'm gonna jump back in to the rabbit hole of 2gr-fe's and try to document everything for future hoonigans once the ball starts to get be continued
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