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2011 RAV4 v6 new trans issue

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To all those that have had new trans put in under warranty, did you get much worse mpg after the new trans went in? I'm getting 16.5 avg mixed driving, where as before the swap I was getting 20 mixed. Is there a break in period?
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My mileage didn't seem to change. 16.5 avg. mpg? Wow! I've never had anything under 20 mpg. even though I have a lead foot. If I were you I'd go back to the stealer and ask questions.

I get about that mileage in town with my V6 RAV Complained to dealer - checked it out, said that they couldn't find any problem. But in-town trips are rarely more than a few miles, and we live near the top of a hill. Still, it's worse mileage than I had expected. My 327 V8 Chev. pickup got better in-town mileage and so did my supposedly 350 HP Ford V8 hulking sedan, but they both had manual trans.

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A friend has a double-cab Dodge pickup with the Cummins diesel.
Gets better mileage than I do in the RAV.

I'm thinking of getting one to convert to camper.

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If mine changed, I haven't noticed. But even if it did, I'd rather it use a little more gas than listen to that annoying whine!
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