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2012 2.5l 4WD 4spTorque Converter Shudder Problem and Fix

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Just thought I'd share my story. Recently bought a 2012 Rav4 with 150k on it. Very clean, 1 owner with meticulous service records. Shortly after purchasing we began noticing a noise/vibration at 40-45 mph when lumbering along 4th gear.

Some searching on the internet led me torque converter shudder as a possible problem. It was past the extended warranty so I started looking at options to manage/fix the problem myself. I did a fluid drain/fill and added some Lubgard in it. No improvement.

Next I did a full flush/fill by diverting the return line and adding ATF. I also dropped the pan and replaced the transmission filter. (There was no cloth filter in the filter and I can only surmise it must have broken down during the 150k miles without a fluid change). I also put in some Lubgard again.

This has largely fixed the torque shudder although I get some very mild shudder at 40-45 mph in 4th when slowly going up a hill. Hopefully this will fix the problem. If it doesn't fix it, I will buy a new torque converter for $750 and have my mechanic put it in for $850.

I will try to drop back by in a while an post an update.

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Hi Rav-aged-
I have what seems like the same problem with my 2012 2.5L 4WD.
How is your fix holding up?
What Lubegard product did you use? I was not familiar with their products. I see that they have something called "Instant Shudder Fixx" in addition to general ATF addititives.
For ATF fluid, did you use Toyota WS or a product that certifies itself, like Valvoline MaxLife Multi-vehicle?
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