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So I just purchased a 2012 Rav4, and my first project is to install a new radio.

Here is the current radio:

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Vehicle audio Toyota

And here are the steering wheel controls:

Vehicle Car Steering wheel Auto part Steering part

I have successfully removed the old radio, only to discover my wire adapter kit doesn't match up 100%.

My goal this weekend is to pull out the radio, take photos of everything, and ask the manufacturer for a correct adapter kit.

Until then, my question is this... if the Rav4 didn't come with a backup camera from the factory, are the wires still run to the plug above the license plate? Or will I have to run cables from the dash to the license plate?

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Ok, so I had to take the radio out today, so the manufacturer could make adapter cables.

VERY few tools needed.

I have a tiny plastic crowbar to pop off trim without scratching anything ( came with LED kit from when I swapped out all of my bulbs )

10mm socket with extension

That's it, now on to the removal.

1. Pry the 2 side trim pieces, start from bottom.

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Vehicle audio Center console

Vehicle Car Electronics Toyota Technology

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Vehicle audio Subcompact car

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Vehicle audio Multimedia

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Nissan micra Technology

2. There are 4 bolts that hold in the radio (10mm), you will need an extension to reach the ones way in back.

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Center console Subcompact car

3. Grab either side of the radio and pull straight back.

Vehicle Car Center console City car

That's all there is to pulling the radio out. I don't have the adapter cables yet, so I can't show how to put it all back together yet.
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