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My fuel economy on my 2013 2.5 AWD A/T is absolutely terrible around town. I am averaging about 15L per 100km (6.66km per litre / 14.11MPG). And when I say I drive as gently as I possibly can, I am not at all exaggerating.

On the open road over a +- 1000km / 620 mile trip on mostly highways, I managed 9.2 L per 100km / 25.55MPG. However, as the altitute dropped from 5500 feet to sea level, the consumption gradually got worse.

The car has 86 0000km (53 000 miles) on it. It has been serviced by the agents it's whole life and I have no idea what the heck to do about it. Apparently the agents didn't pick up any fault codes, but I have a suspicion that it is the O2 sensor/sensors. Has anyone else had this kind of experience?
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