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Just bought a used RAV4 yesterday equipped with the navigation package. Was able to pair with bluetooth. Hands free phone works. Enabled my phones hotspot to make the entune apps work.
I thought that was the hard stuff.
The paired iphone 6 is set to connect for music, connect for phone and connect for internet. All three are connected.

Under "audio" I select "bluetooth"
Music plays from my phone, but "list" and "browse" are greyed out. I can change the tracks, but cannot see a list of songs, artists, etc.
Steering wheel controls don't work except to change tracks.
Voice commands not available.

When plugged in via USB, everything seems to work great. I have seen other posters that say they have the list and browse controls over bluetooth.

I know it is a small thing to plug it in, but knowing it should work, can work, and that in 2013 that was a fairly standard thing, is driving me crazy.

Hoping someone can help me out?
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