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2014 Rav4 GXL AWD Turbo Diesel - turn off Road Sign Assist

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Hi there,
Yesterday I purchased a 2014 Rav4 GXL and it would seem it has some of the features of the RSA later model Toyotas have (voice cuts over music to warn of upcoming school zones, red-light cameras, speed cameras and when speeding) however my car does not have a sat nav or GPS and I can't figure out how to turn this function off.

Everything I have searched is all for newer model vehicles than my own and I can't get to the settings they are showing on my car, the dealer has said they would get back to me however their troubleshooting wasn't working as I didn't have the menu or setting options they were wanting me to go into.. I have attached images from online of how my car looks (will take some of my own after work if that helps) is there anyone that knows how to turn this off, on this type of display?


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Just to answer this because I couldn't find anything to help online anywhere and someone else may have a similar issue.. The vehicle has an after market navigation system installed, it was located under the glove box and to access it on the display you hold down the "hang up" button on the steering wheel Bluetooth (apparently this is common to access after market nav systems in vehicles of this age) from there it was just a matter of disabling the warnings the previous owner had in place (y)
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